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"Making classroom dreams a reality." - this was our tagline for recruitment for 2018-2019 batch.

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

It was in 2nd year of Engineering that I realized academics alone won't help me when I go out in Industry. This was the time when couple of my classmates felt the same. We hit a reality that we had to work in a team to build something big. This was when we started on building a team first. We designed and built go-kart and participated in NKRC with pretty good results. But most of us who worked on it knew we are way more capable and we were ready to take risks. We had our eyes on industry too at the same time.

It was during this time that there was a shift in the Automotive Industry. All the major makers of Automobiles were shifting to Electric. This was a very good indication for us to venture into our next big project. I strongly believe that a Team's effort can be channelized by participating in a competitive event. There was one event in India at the time and that was Formula Bharat. The event needs your project to be a product, to be specific. The kind of learning you get out of a Formula Student event is immense and the students will be more than ready to enter the Industry. Here at this time, We established the Team Stier Racing to participate in Formula Student events for Electric category.

You can observe that i don't use I much in this blog because in Stier, it's always WE.

With event and team locked down we started researching days and nights on topics about Electric Vehicle Technology. We approached many companies and startups here in Bangalore. Thanks to our college and city, we were in the center of Automotive Industry shift. We visited countless Industries and Startups.This helped us establish contacts and prepared us to venture into our project. I would say without support from Industry, our project wouldn't have had a success.We participated in Formula Bharat and Formula Green in 2019 with very good results.

By the end of decade, We want this team to represent India in International Formula Student events for Electric and Driver-less category. I strongly advice the team to work with Electric vehicle Industry to incorporate new concepts every year in the car and get the technology moving ahead. Team should also reach out to general public and educate them about advantages of shifting to Electric Vehicles.

I ended up working in EV sector because i had a lot of exposure to the Electric vehicle industry when I was part of the team. Thanks team, for making my classroom dream a reality.


Chassis lead & Vice captain (2018-19 season)

Stier Racing

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