The future is electric. At Stier Racing we strive to be the innovators the world really needs with respect to electric vehicle racing technology. We also believing in giving students the opportunity to face the problems faced by people in the real world and provide them with a platform to become effective engineers, leaders and problem solvers. We provide a space for people in all areas of study a space for their passion for automobile industry and a wish to help save the environment.

What We Need?

We need your help so come be a part of the future of innovation.Any financial support or technical expertise would be greatly appreciated. The objective of this campaign is to obtain 382456 INR. This monetary support would prove to be of immense help to us while buying the various components needed in order for us to build the car successfully.

The Impact

Over the last decade, there’s been an increase in the purchasing of electric vehicles (EV). There are many reasons why one might consider making the switch to an EV – electric cars are higher efficiency than gas-powered cars, can reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and require less maintenance than most cars, to name three popular reasons. By helping us out you would also be fuelling research and innovation in EV which can potentially help consumers shift towards them leading to a better a better environment, a better future.

You would also be providing students with the opportunity to work, learn and experience the intricacies of the automobile industry and dwell deeper into their passion for the automobile industry.

Other Ways To Help

You can always contribute to us so come be a part of our mission and help make an impact. Your support would be appreciated not only monetarily but also in attempts to put us across to the people you think might be interested in helping us.

HUB BEARINGS       8250₹


Aluminium Sheets   8400₹

Cooling Fans             550₹

Firewall                   5000₹

Nomex Sheets        3350₹

HV Wires                 9950₹

Aluminium Angles   5900₹

Fastners               12600₹

Brake Fluid            1350₹

Rod End Bearings   5000₹

Brake Hoses          3600₹

Tripod Bearing       3000₹

Shaft                     1350₹

Impact Atteneuator   33245₹

Body Panels            36500₹

Brake Calliper         25745₹

Master Cylinder    15000₹

Brake Bias Bar         500₹

Seat                     12000₹

UV Jpoint             1750₹